We believe that your unique experiences, skills and passions will further shape into a challenging and rewarding career at  Emirates Western In your association
with emirates western   you will gain best in class experience in oilfield  business and you will become part of a winning team dedicated to help you develop,
learn and grow.
At Emirates Western  as a business, and as a winning team, we're amazingly diverse. But we have all got a few things in common
We're ambitious
We're open minded
We're dynamic.
We respect our customer's needs
We enjoy working together.
We embrace new technologies.
And we're excited about the future
At Emirates Western you are encouraged to be creative, think way outside the box, and work with some of the industry's most
innovative minds on high impact assignments
This will build a healthy culture of employee engagement and ultimately lead to engaged customers.
We welcome you to Emirates Western. As we together engage to make your career fulfilling in emirates western, we also look forward to
your ideas to drive emirates western to future success.
Wish you a Winning Career ahead at Emirates Western
An Ideal Environment for New Ideas!
An employee-focused philosophy is the foundation of Emirates Western corporate culture since the company was founded in 1984
At the heart of the company’s business model is a simple idea:
"Satisfied Employees Create Satisfied Customers"
We encourage a culture of collaboration and harmony between employees and create an environment to support gifted and energetic
employees in their careers at Emirates western
We've worked hard to create a corporate culture that is based on trust between our employees and the company, a culture that rewards
innovation, encourages employees to try new things and a culture that cares about employees’ personal and professional growth.
We know that our employees' lives encompass much more than the time they spend at work.
We want our employees to be happy and motivated. This can only happen if we offer benefits that help maintain a healthy work/life
balance. Hence, we offer a wide range of benefits to our employees. Some of them are:
Comprehensive Medical Insurance
Child Education Reimbursements
Flexible Working Hours
Paid Time Off and Holidays
Other Special Emirates Western Offers