The policy of EWCO providing marine services and oil well drilling and maintenance services to Onshore and Offshore oil & gas industry and the highest priority is given to all aspects of Quality, health, safety and environment in all its activities and the highest applicable standards are implemented in all operations.
The management is committed to comply with all applicable national and international mandatory Rules & regulations to achieve the customer needs and expectations and consistently meet the agreed requirements of all the clients.
EWCO Adopts a QHSE Policy that enables the company to deliver the highest Quality Services and free defective equipment to all its clients, either offshore & or onshore based operations to set up the company among the elite service companies in the Oil & Gas Industry.
EWCO adopts a pro-active approach in identifying the occupational hazards and the related risks, Environmental aspect along with their significant impacts.
EWCO Top Management is committed to continually improve the QHSE Management System &Policies and enhance the effective implementation and reviewing them periodically for continuing suitability Of the same to achieve QHSE Goals and objectives.
EWCO recognizes responsibilities towards all employees, subcontractors, visitors to provide a safe environment within all company's controlled worksites for preventing injuries, illnesses, property damage
EWCO focuses on preventing the environmental pollution in particular marine environment and the environment during oil well drilling and maintenance services onshore & offshore
EWCO Division Managers, Department Heads and Line Supervisors are held accountable towards the identification of all hazards & associated risks within their respective areas of responsibilities and to ensure that appropriate controls, EWCO ensures that physical, financial resources and competent staff are made available to eliminates those hazards and mitigate risks to human & environment.
EWCO ensures that the Co’s employees and Subcontractors at all working sites are held responsible for the prevention of job related injuries, illnesses, property damage . and environmental accidents,.
QHSE Objectives & Targets are set up in line with the established QHSE Plan to achieve the best possible performance in all aspects.
The Company QHSE& Job Performance will be used evaluated and used as the basis for the employee’s promotion & salary increment.

General Manager

Emirates Western Oil Well Drilling & Maintenance Co. LLC

Abu Dhabi, UAE